West Lindsey

Changes within the Lincolnshire FA development team structure have given the development team excellent opportunities to create ‘Local Football Networks’ throughout the county.

West Lindsey - Local Football Networks

The aim of West Lindsey's Local Football Network is to bring together and drive forward all football providers within the local area. The Local Football Network intends to give West Lindsey an individualised and specific football development plan that falls in line with their needs and wants, rather than a football development plan being fitted to them on the basis of a 'one plan fits all' county plan. The six main aims of the local football network are;

  • Provide a voice for football within West Lindsey.
  • Act as a consultation platform within West Lindsey.
  • Raise participation levels in all areas of football.
  • Widen access opportunities for football and pursue excellence.
  • Bring together and align existing partners, prioritising targets with one joined up local action plan.
  • Share information and best practice.

The West Lindsey Local Football Network group will meet for the first time in the forthcoming weeks at Marshalls (Gainsborough). Chris Funnell the Lincolnshire FA Football Development Officer will open the meeting; with the agenda and group members confirmed the Lincolnshire FA are looking forward to progressing and developing football in West Lindsey in conjunction with their specific football development plan.

If you're intrested in West Lindsey's Local Football Network group please contact Chris Funnell; email - chris.funnell@lincolnshirefa.com  alternatively call 08449 67 07 08/ 07904 643 943.

You are also able to keep up to date with the ongoings in West Lindsey by viewing the current documents where minutes and presentations shall be uploaded as and when the group meets.

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