Guidance Notes for Automated External Defibrillators for County FA's

All Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) perform their own ‘automatic’ self-checking routines and require very little routine maintenance.  However if you are the owner of one, there are some additional checks that should also be carried out to ensure that your AED is in optimal condition and can be fully relied upon in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest occurring at your venue.

Battery packs typically last from 3 to 5 years before replacement but this may vary depending on model and manufacturer.  The AED’s self-checking routine would flag up if there was a problem with the battery through a warning sign or error message on the machine, and owners of AED’s should have a regular checking regime in place (no less than weekly) to ensure the battery is effective.

Electrode Pads and Ancillary Items (safety razor, pocket mask/ face shield, protective gloves, scissors) Electrode pads typically last for 3 years and are clearly marked with an expiry date on their packaging. There should also be a regular check to ensure the other consumable items such as disposable gloves, razors, blunt-ended scissors and airway adjuncts are within the AED case and in a good condition.

It is good practice to always retain a second set of electrode pads for each AED.

AEDs do not normally require any regular servicing by a suitably qualified technician.  

In the Event of Using an AED in a Medical Emergency electrode pads, safety razors, protective gloves and pocket masks all must be replaced after every incident.  Some manufacturers may also advise that the battery is replaced after an incident, whether or not the charge level on the battery indicator is showing as low; County FA’s should check the device user manual or contract the AED manufacturer for further details.  See Manufacturers details below.  

Main Suppliers and Contact Details of AEDs in the UK

Cardiac Science: Manufacturers of the Powerheart G5 and AED G3 contact at Tel: +44 (0)161 926 0011

Laerdel: Manufacturers of the HeartStart FR3, HeartStart HS1 and HeartStart FRx contact at Tel: 01689 876634

Mediana: Manufacturers of the HeartOn A15 for additional Median suppliers use FirstAid4Less on 0800 1777 118


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