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Referee Promotion Scheme


The Lincolnshire Football Association is pleased to announce the Referee Promotion Scheme 2018-19 is now open for application.

Lincolnshire Football Association is committed to the retention and development of all its match officials and invite applications for the new promotion season from both those referees who wish to join the promotion scheme for the first time or those already on the scheme.

The promotion season for referees runs from 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019 and is open to referees who are 16 or over and have completed a minimum of 20 games of open age football as a referee.

The only application method for all referees that will be accepted is via the following link:

Please note: There is a £30 administration fee for all referees annually.

Promotion criteria

Download the following documents:

Promotion Criteria Level 7-6
Promotion Criteria Level 6-5
Promotion Criteria Level 5-4




Get in touch

Michael Brader

Referee Development Officer

T: 03449670708