E-Learning Modules

In-line with The FA's Coaching Pathway that was re-introduced for the start of the 2016-17 season, aspects of coach education are now being delivered online.

Level 1

As part of the newly formed and delivered Level 1 in Coaching Football Course, there are now six e-learning modules that each coach must complete prior to certification (end of the course). These modules directly link with the content that coaches will receive in face to face sessions with their tutor(s).

The six modules are as follows;

1. Introduction to Coaching.

2. Long Term Player Development.

3. Plan, Do, Review.

4. Online Introduction to Equality & Diversity.

5. Respect for Coaches.

6. Safeguarding - How we Support.

If you are on a football coaching course or are thinking about starting on the coaching pathway, please see below the FA Level 1 and Level 2 in Coaching Football Learning Guide.

Online Re-cert Safeguarding Children

If you have previously completed a FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, your qualification is valid for three years. Upon expiry if you're still involved with the game you will have to renew this qualification. To make this process easier, you are now able to renew your FA Safeguarding Children qualification online.

If you are looking to recertify your qualification online, please view the online document below showing you where and how to access this module.

Please be advised if you have not yet completed an FA Safeguarding Children workshop, you will not be able to access the online module.

FA Licensed Coaches CPD

All FA Licensed Coaches are required to complete a certain amount of hours CPD to renew their membership;

- Level 1: 3 hours.

- Level 2: 5 hours.

- Level 3|UEFA B: 5 hours

Lincolnshire FA provides face to face CPD sessions throughout the county on a regular basis. We're aware it's not always possible to make these sessions, be it training sessions, work or family.  Therefore we're pleased to state you can now complete your FA Licensed Coaches CPD hours online.

To view the menu options and complete your CPD, please click HERE.

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