Lincolnshire FA supports the Football vs Homophobia month of action to make sport everyone's game

The 18th & 19th of February 2017, at Lincoln Christ Hospital School, Wragby Rd Lincoln, Lincolnshire FA Female Under 18’s League & Lincolnshire FA…

Member clubs of both Leagues will be wearing Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces at the Linx5’s tournament this coming weekend the 18th & 19th of February & will join clubs and bodies across the country to show their team accepts everyone without exception, and that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic abuse is not tolerated, on or off the pitch.

Teams within the League have committed to the week of action to show that we can all play a part in making sport everyone’s game. This show of support follows research published by Stonewall which reveals that 45 per cent of people who played sport in the last year have heard language that is offensive to LGBT people.

The research, conducted by ICM Unlimited, also showed that the majority of sports fans welcome LGBT fans and players. Almost two thirds (63 per cent) said more should be done to make LGBT people feel accepted in sport.

Robbie de Santos, Head of Campaigns at Stonewall, said: ‘Sport should be everyone’s game. Unfortunately, a small minority of people think that anti-LGBT abuse is acceptable in sport. All clubs at all levels need to send a clear message that sport is for everyone and there is no place for hate. We’re delighted to see more and more sport clubs celebrate diversity in all its forms. Sport clubs that welcome everyone build a more supportive and high-performing team and a strong, loyal following.’

February is the annual Football v Homophobia month of action. Football v Homophobia is a campaign challenging homophobia and discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people across football. For more information about the campaign visit:

For more information about Stonewall please call 0207 593 1856/7.  For more information about Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces Campaign, visit:

Stonewall is Britain’s leading charity for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality, working to create a world where every single person can be accepted without exception. 

It was founded in 1989 by a small group of people who wanted to break down barriers to equality. Stonewall continues to campaign and lobby government to change laws to ensure everyone, everywhere, is free to be themselves.

Stonewall works in partnership with a growing network of more than 700 organisations to help create real change for the better.  It campaigns to eliminate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in communities, and empowers LGBT people and their allies to be role models wherever they live, work, shop, socialise or pray.

To get involved visit us at    Registered charity number 1101255

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