IT Grants for Leagues

Due to the increasing requirement of using technology within football administration, The FA provides sanctioned leagues with grants to support financial costs in adopting technology. 
The grant is available to all sanctioned leagues which meet the eligibility criteria below, prioritising leagues that use FA systems such as Full Time and Whole Game System Player Registration.

The primary use of any equipment purchased must be to assist the administration of the league and should be regarded as essential for that administration. Where computer equipment is being purchased, The FA National Game Finance Committee must be satisfied that the equipment will be in regular league use. 

The requirement for the equipment must be stated on the application form. All applications will be assessed by the National Game Finance Committee of The Football Association and grant awards will be subject to their approval.

Eligibility Criteria 

To qualify for grant funding your league must fulfil the following criteria:

Must be using either FA Full Time or Whole Game System Player Registration 
Must be FA or County FA sanctioned
Must be outside the National League System for male teams
Must be below Step W4 in the Women’s Pyramid of Football for female teams
Must be 11-a-side / youth / mini-soccer / small-sided (non-commercial) league 
Must be non-profit making
Leagues administered via the County FA office will only be eligible for this funding in exceptional circumstances 
Schools Leagues are not eligible for this funding
Must not have received  a league IT grant in the previous season
Annual Business Service Agreements purchases or Lease Agreements are not covered by the scheme and will not be grant awarded.

Eligible Equipment 

The grant may be claimed against the purchase of new computers, computer related equipment or office equipment up to the end of the current playing season.  The items of equipment that will be considered for support during this period are listed below with their maximum grant value. Any items purchased that are not in this list will not be supported with a grant and is at the league’s own cost.

Equipment  Maximum grant value per item 
Laptop/computer  £650 
Tablet  £450 
Mouse/keyboard £30 
Monitor  £125 
Multi-function printer device or ID card printer  £300 
Laminator  £50 
Telephone  £50 
Software  £80 
External hard drive  £50 
Digital camera  £200 

The equipment supported by The Football Association must remain the property of the League and can’t be retained by an officer resigning from the League.

If a league would like to replace equipment (i.e. PC, printer etc.) which  was  previously  funded  by The Football Association and is now beyond repair or outdated (older than 3 years), you will need to provide as much information as possible on your application  to include: 

Detailed computer specification
Year of purchase
Reasons why the equipment is not any longer adequate.

Please note that applications will not be considered where a grant is being sought for similar equipment that has previously been supported by The Football Association for use by the same  league officer, even if the equipment has been passed on to another league officer without providing satisfactory explanation.

Available Funding

Funding values stated below are for applicant leagues who are using BOTH Whole Game System Player Registration and FA Full Time.  Leagues who apply that are only using one of these systems (either Whole Game System Player Registration OR FA Full Time) there is a 20% reduction in your maximum grant value. Leagues that are using none of these systems are not eligible to apply.  See the table below for a breakdown.
A grant can be applied for based on the size of the league (see table below)
For leagues with 35 teams or less there is maximum grant value of £450. Therefore if you are a 10 team league you can apply for up to £450.
Leagues with between 36 and 149 teams can apply for a grant dependent on the number of registered teams. This is based on £10 per team up to a maximum of £1,250. Leagues with 101 to 149 teams have a maximum grant value of £1,250.
For leagues with 150 teams or more it will be possible to apply for a grant of up to a maximum of£1,500. 
If a league is not registered for VAT, then these costs can be included in the total cost and covered by the grant.  

Size of league  Per team value  Using BOTH Full Time & WGS Using EITHER Full Time or WGS  Using NEITHER Full Time or WGS 
35 teams or less  N/A  Maximum grant value of £450  Maximum grant value of £360  Not eligible 
36-149 teams £10 per team  Maximum grant value of up to £1,250  Maximum grant value of up to £1,000  Not eligible 
150+ teams  N/A  Maximum grant value of up to £1,500  Maximum grant value of up to £1,200  Not eligible 

Any FA Charter Standard Leagues aspiring to become eligible for a grant or reach a higher eligibility level should discuss with the Technology Advocacy Team or your County FA on how we may be able to support you. Contact for more information.

How to Apply

All applications are to be made following the purchase of the relevant IT equipment. Prior to making these purchases please ensure that you have read the above criteria in the document to ensure your whole claim is applicable for a grant.  Any applications outside of these criteria will be rejected and the cost incurred for this equipment will not be funded by The FA.

All applications must be submitted via the online form found by clicking HERE

This form is also available from your local County FA. The application needs to be fully complete with copies of receipts attached along with your leagues payment information within the relevant sections of the form.

Once submitted, this form will be checked and approved by your local County FA and then processed by The FA for payment. 

Applications will be awarded on priority, which is distinguished by the seniority of the role of official the technology is being purchased for.

Once confirmed, The FA will notify the League directly of the confirmed grant amount and a payment date. 

All applications will be held on record to monitor funding spend and league application history.

For any questions regarding the grant application process please contact Lincolnshire FA or