Player holding ball behind back in a training session

Football in Education - SEN League

Lincolnshire FA Special Educational Needs (SEN) U16s School League

The league is currently running into its second year, supported by the FA's Disability Workforce Fund and Awards for All, National Lottery scheme.

This year, we will be engaging with nine schools (new and existing) across the county, which will see 20+ new players getting involved in regular recreational football with an overall average of 80 students engaging in the secondary school’s  football in education programme.  

Lincolnshire FA’s Inclusive Schools League is a mixed gender, five-a-side format which provides a flexible approach to encourage participation and takes place at regular intervals throughout the academic year, at a central location in Grantham.

These opportunities have enhanced links between schools and local football clubs as potential exit routes, encouraging players to gain the confidence and skills to go and participate in football outside of the school environment.
The results are collated after each festival and added to the league table, which produces our overall winners at the end of the year.

If you wish to register your school up for the 2019/20 season, please contact


Greg Handsley

Football Development Officer (Disability)

(T) 07813458812