Want To Become A Referee

Wonder what it’s like to manage a football game? Love football but can’t play as much as you did? Want a hobby where you can earn money? Or maybe you just simply want to understand why certain refereeing decisions are made? Well, you're not the only one! More and more people of all ages, genders, races and abilities are getting into refereeing, and you can get involved by taking a Lincolnshire FA Referees Course.

Become a referee

 A list of all upcoming course are available to view by following this link ……

The 2018-19 schedule is currently being put together for referee's courses, this will be available shortly.

To register your interest please contact Michael.brader@lincolnshirefa.com

Course format

The course is in various stages as listed below.

  • Introduction to refereeing - Two hours
  • Register online
  • Pre-course study sent out to all candidates
  • Safeguarding/CRC - Three hours
  • Practical training 1 - Six hours
  • Fouls and Misconduct - Three hours
  • Practical training 2 - Six hours
  • Five Games 11v11 or 9v9
  • Examination and next steps


Your first step is to attend the ‘Introduction to Refereeing’ evening. This is a taster session where you will be guided through the refereeing experience looking at all formats of the game and opportunities available. The cost of the introduction evening is £10 per candidate and is non-refundable. We encourage parents to attend the evening and actively take part - there is no additional cost.


Held at different times and venues throughout the year, the referees course involves approximately 20 hours of training. This is then be followed by a test on practical issues of refereeing and a written exam on the Laws of Association Football. Each course is limited to 24 candidates.


On passing the examination, you become a level nine trainee referee. Following the course you will need to referee five 11v11 games or six 9v9 games and return your five-game form. Only once this is completed and returned will you obtain fully-qualified status aided by a Referee Mentor.


The cost of the introduction evening will be £10 per candidate and the cost of the referee course will be £110.

Included in the price will be:

  • A 'Laws of the Game' booklet
  • An interactive DVD of the Laws of the Game
  • A pre-course study programme
  • All course materials
  • FA Safeguarding Children training
  • FA Respect training
  • FA registration fee for the season
  • Whistle and lanyard
  • Red and yellow cards and holder
  • Set of Flags
  • Certificate
  • FA Referee badge
  • FA mentor

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