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Football Futures is the FA’s initiative for Young Leadership and Volunteering.

Young Leaders aged 14-25 can apply to the County FA to become part of the initiative and log the voluntary hours they complete in their local football community.

The Football Futures initiative aims to recruit, retain, develop and reward all young leaders who take part within the scheme, with an aim of developing a future skilled workforce for the game. Football Futures has six themes of Leadership and volunteering, these being the following:

  • Coaching and Working with Teams
  • Refereeing
  • Running Events
  • Promoting the Game
  • Running and Developing the Game

The six themes are designed to engage all young people who have a love for the game. The themes offer an insight into all areas of volunteering within the grassroots game and will enable young leaders to support and lead within their local football community, whether this be within their school, college or university, or part of the FA Charter Standard club network in Lincolnshire.

Young leaders are encouraged to log the voluntary hours they complete and to keep in contact with the Football Development Team at Lincolnshire County FA on their progress to enjoy the benefits that the initiative has to offer. Football Futures also provides the potential for young people to volunteer with Lincolnshire County FA and a number of their key partners throughout the year at a range of events.

FA Charter Standard Clubs and Leagues are encouraged to utilise Football Futures Young Leaders as they can provide assistance in a number of ways within your organisations. The Young leaders may be able to help support the coaching of a team, providing support to the administration and organisation of match days, create and update websites and become RESPECT ambassadors amongst many other roles.

Follow Lincolnshire CFA Football Futures on Twitter and Facebook for all the up to date information and volunteer opportunities:


Lincolnshire FA Football Futures

Anyone interested in being part of the Football Futures initiative as a young leader or in offering young leaders the opportunity to volunteer within your club, please contact our Football Development Team (details on the right).

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Chris Funnell

E: chris.funnell@lincolnshirefa.com

T: 03449670708

develop your potential

Junior Football Leaders Course

The FA Junior Football Leaders Award, awarded by FA Education, provides a basic introduction to the leadership skills required when involved in football. The course introduces four areas: assisting football activity sessions, an introduction to refereeing, helping with a team and different football events.

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