As an Association we know that our values and beliefs are key to creating the right culture for us to succeed in the achievement of our Vision and Mission. Everyone who represents Lincolnshire FA strives every day to bring these beliefs to life.

We believe in…

Acting with integrity, by ensuring we do the right thing and not the easy thing (even when no one is watching) is in the best interest of the game.

Being progressive in all that we do, always looking for ways to continuously improve through giving our staff the freedom to innovate will help us best meet the needs of the game.

Being transparent in all that we do, will help us build relationships that will last the test of time as they will be grounded through high levels of trust

Recognising and rewarding the hard work, effort, and achievements of everyone who supports and makes the game possible ‘For All’ will help us to ensure that people who make a positive difference feel valued & appreciated

The pride we have for the work we do drives us to care about everyone involved in football in our community as we know this will be key to making our Vision a reality


The Board and Council of the Lincolnshire FA are made up of volunteers who give up their time to manage the Association to deliver and develop football across the county.  Both Directors and Council members have limits to their terms of office. Where a vacancy arises, all roles, whether a Director or Council are appointed to via an open and transparent recruitment process. Appointments are made based on the skills, knowledge and experience of candidates to ensure the Association recruits personnel who can positively contribute to the development of Lincolnshire football.