As an Association we know that our values and beliefs are key to creating the right culture for us to succeed in the achievement of our Vision and Mission. Everyone who represents Lincolnshire FA strives every day to bring these beliefs to life.

We believe in…

Acting with integrity, by ensuring we do the right thing and not the easy thing (even when no one is watching) is in the best interest of the game.

Being progressive in all that we do, always looking for ways to continuously improve through giving our staff the freedom to innovate will help us best meet the needs of the game.

Being transparent in all that we do, will help us build relationships that will last the test of time as they will be grounded through high levels of trust

Recognising and rewarding the hard work, effort, and achievements of everyone who supports and makes the game possible ‘For All’ will help us to ensure that people who make a positive difference feel valued & appreciated

The pride we have for the work we do drives us to care about everyone involved in football in our community as we know this will be key to making our Vision a reality

Board Structure

The Board and Council of the Lincolnshire FA are made up of volunteers who give up their time to manage the Association to deliver and develop football across the county.  Both Directors and Council members have limits to their terms of office. Where a vacancy arises, all roles, whether a Director or Council are appointed to via an open and transparent recruitment process. Appointments are made based on the skills, knowledge and experience of candidates to ensure the Association recruits personnel who can positively contribute to the development of Lincolnshire football.

Board Diversity Statement 

It is recognised that decision making is improved when a Board is able to draw upon and harness a diverse range of opinions. The Board is committed to ensuring that its makeup is reflective of the population of Lincolnshire.

Gender is an important aspect of diversity and therefore Lincolnshire FA will, in line with the FA Code of Governance, work towards ensuring that at least 30% of each gender sits on its Board.

The Office of National Statics census data 2021 shows ethnic diversity and population sizes. The ethnicity of Lincolnshire is predominantly white , 96% with 4% from non-white backgrounds.

The Board is also mindful that in addition to gender and ethnicity additional factors need to be considered  to ensure the Board Is representative wherever possible of the Lincolnshire community. Factors to be considered could include but are not limited to age, disability, LGBTQ+ and socio-economic inclusion.






To have an equal voice across all genders on the Board which is representative of Greater Lincolnshire.



To undertake all appropriate actions to ensure a minimum of 30% gender diversity of Board Members.


For the gender split to be 50% / 50% (non-binary membership to follow in due course)

In place




July 2028


To have broader representation across age groups on the Board, with a specific focus on younger voices to provide diversity of thought across multiple generations, as well as representing a large portion of the football community.

10% of Directors to be aged under 25



To increase disability representation on the Board, in line with Lincolnshire demographic data, which shows 19% of individuals identifying as having a disability or long term health condition

10% of Directors identifying as having a disability/Long Term Physical or Mental Health Condition

Jan 2028


Whilst the ethnic population of Lincolnshire is overwhelming white, the Board is fully committed to being representative, where possible, of other protected characteristics, including ethnicity, dual nationality and English as a second language where possible. All protected characteristics should be front of mind when recruiting for all future Board members and thus data should be collected, if possible, from all applications, to help monitor the reach of communications.

No specific targets around other characteristics, due to the makeup of the county, however it is a clear statement of intent.