Safeguarding and CRC's

Lets make football safe, Not Sorry!

Safeguarding Children is about creating a fun, safe, positive football environment for all children and young people under the age of 18.

 Most children and young people have a fantastic experience through football – but sadly, some don't.

This might be down to over-competitive parents and coaches shouting and constantly criticising them from the side-lines – the kind of behaviour that the Respect programme is designed to address. Or it might be due to some other kind of abusive behaviour towards them.

Safeguarding Children is everyone's responsibility and having welfare officers in all clubs and leagues with youth teams is crucial to The FA’s simple three part approach to safeguarding. This includes; 

  • Right People; Getting the right people involved by seeking references and CRB checks.
  • Right Behaviour; Create a safe environment, using code of conducts, education and following best practice.
  • Right Actions; Promoting clear systems to deal with any concerns. 

Remember: It is NOT our responsibility to decide if abuse has taken place BUT if we have concerns it IS our responsibility to act and report those concerns.

Building a Supporting Network


  • CWO - Every junior club must have a Club Welfare Officer. 
  • YLWO - Every junior league must have a League Welfare Officer. 
  • CFAWO - Each County FA have a County Welfare Officer -  call 08449 67 07 08 .
  • Case Management - The FA have a Safeguarding team. 
  • RDO - Referee Development Officer will work closely with CFAWO.


0808 800 5000 alternatively you can text 88858. 

The NSPCC Helpline is a free, 24-hour service which provides advice to anyone worried about a child.

Criminal Records Checks

Who needs to have a CRC check?

Anyone who is regularly working or volunteering directly with children and young people in football needs to have an enhanced CRC check. Regular is defined as once a month or more, more than twice in 30 days or overnight. Activities include: teaching, training, instructing, supervising, giving advice or guidance, treating or caring for children or driving for the club.

Remember, a CRC is required for each role that an individual has working or volunteering with children and vulnerable adults. This means even if an individual has completed a CRC check through work an additional check is required for football. 

How do I check if someone has a CRC or not?

Club Welfare Officers can now use the Members’ Services to check and manage the CRC and Safeguarding Children Workshop status of club members of their club. 

How much does a CRC check cost?

Volunteer CRC Check £10.00

Non - Volunteer CRC Check £54.00

There is now an online CRC service. This means that CRC’s can be done for a fee of £10 per application. This is a quicker, easier, cheaper and more secure way of completing CRC’s and will hopefully reduce the number of errors. To take advantage of this great system club welfare officers should contact the FA CRC Unit on 0845 210 80 80 or via email on 

The Home Office is very strict in its definition of volunteers. To read more about the CRC, 

Where can I get more information?

Further information and downloads can be found at: or alternatively you can contact the CRC Unit on 0845 210 8080

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