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Results can be reported online through Full time and by submitting the full team sheet to within three days of the fixture being played as per competition rule.

The match report form can be downloaded HERE

If you find you cannot fulfil the fixture up to the Friday prior to the date of the fixture contact the Lincolnshire CFA during office hours or by email. If you are unable to fulfil on the day of the fixture contact your opposition and appointed match official to make them aware then email the County FA with the reasons for the failure to fulfil. 

Contact the Lincolnshire CFA by phone or email and make them aware. Then contact your opposition directly.

Contact the Lincolnshire FA to so they can make the amendment and reissue notification. If you are the home team notify your opposition and appointed referee to confirm the correct kick-off time.

If you are made aware that the appointed referee cannot do the game up to the Friday before the fixture date contact the Lincolnshire CFA so a replacement can be appointed. In the event of a non-appearance on the day, the clubs shall agree upon a referee, who will then have the full powers, status and responsibilities of a registered referee.

The home team pays for the official (including assistants in Semi Final fixtures)


You can contact any of the Lincolnshire Football Services staff for County Cup issues, including:

Alternatively, please call the office on 03449670708

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