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Inclusion Advisory Group


Lincolnshire FA are committed to ensuring everyone who is involved in football in the county has a great experience – regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or disability, faith, or age.

The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) are a group of individuals whose focus lies within driving equality and inclusion within football in Lincolnshire. The role of the group is to check, challenge and support Lincolnshire FA to ensure everything we do is inclusive and accessible for all. The IAG also help Lincolnshire FA branch out to new communities and organisations to provide everyone with the opportunity to be part of the game in our county.

The IAG meets once every two months to support the work of the wider organisation.


Angela (Chair) She/Her

Angela has a background in research, insight and strategy, previously in the private sector and now within the sports sector, currently heading up the Insight & Strategy Team at British Rowing. Diversity & Inclusion is a big part of what Angela does day-to-day and she is passionate about tackling any inequalities within any sport. She has recently undertaken a large research study on the issues and challenges within the diversity and inclusion space, and believes it is critical to listen to the lived experiences of those who do not feel included.

Angela has lived in Lincolnshire since 2008 and has been part of the football community through her sons playing at grassroots level and within development programmes. She has lived and breathed football all her life and has enjoyed many moments in football grounds all over the country or on the touchline at the local field.


Emma (Vice-Chair) 

Emma is a confident and dynamic business consultant within tourism, education, heritage, hospitality and the arts, and is passionate about improving outcomes for communities, families and business growth predominantly within the Lincolnshire area. With a background in early years education, Emma has extensive experience in teaching, lecturing and training. She has a love of the arts and hospitality, delivering a strong customer care culture, and refining business operations, which drives her to enrich visitor experiences in her career, where she is proud to act as a driving force for positive change and deliver innovative projects across Lincolnshire’s public and private sectors. 

As an ambassador of equality, diversity and inclusion, Emma utilises innovation and passion to consult for a variety of businesses, boards and individuals.  Through bringing a creative yet strategic approach to organisational growth, Emma researches contemporary agendas, generates funding , and delivers commercial success - with customer care as the bedrock to all delivery. 

Emma is delighted to make the step into football and support the future ambitions of the Lincolnshire FA Inclusion advisory group.



Naomi (she/Her) 

Naomi has been a lifelong football player, currently playing for Hackney Women FC. She joined the IAG because of her passion for levelling the playing field for women in football.

Alongside completing her MSc in Sports Marketing, Naomi also runs a small business called ‘Girls Empowerment Through Sports’, that encourages girls to stay in sports after puberty. On top of this, Naomi is the Athlete Engagement Specialist for Ida Sports, a female-specific football boot company.

In the past, Naomi cofounded the Association for Women in Sports Media- University of Wisconsin Chapter, and worked with two professional football teams in the United States: D.C. United and Forward Madison. 

Naomi can’t get enough of football – in her spare time, her favourite way to spend a day is an outing to watch Chelsea FC Men’s and Women’s teams! 


Jennie (she/Her)

Born and educated in Cambridge, Jennie moved to Lincolnshire in 1975, and worked as a primary school teacher for the next 33 years. After taking an early retirement, Jenny joined the Governing Body of the Queen Elizabeth High School in the early 2000s, and represented the school on the Education Committee at Lincolnshire County Council.

Jennie has been Chair of Standards for a number of years and has been involved with appraisals, complaints and new appointments, as well as the day-to-day running of a large high school. She also worked as a Volunteer at Lindsey Lodge Hospice in Scunthorpe for 6 years as a receptionist which necessitated excellent people skills.  

Jennie joined Lincolnshire Football Association as an Independent non-executive Board Member in 2018, and despite the hurdles introduced by the pandemic, has support the Association to progress and improve in the last 3 years.  In this time, Jennie has been involved with the Youth Council and has a particular interest in Equality and Inclusion.  Along with her passion for football, she supports Lincoln City and Liverpool FC. 

Jennie is always respectful and works to set high standards for herself and those around her. Despite limited experience in grassroots football, Jennie is keen to expand her knowledge of this side of the game, and has been involved as a regional discipline member for over 6 months. Her particular interests are in the disciplinary process and engaging with young people.


Shan (she/Her)

Shan is a Solicitor with a 40-year track record advising in Management, Corporate Governance, Legal and Safeguarding service areas. Shan is a Partner of Sills & Betteridge LLP, specialising in Employment Law, and was previously a Solicitor and Advocate advising on Child Protection at Lincolnshire County Council, representing the Lincolnshire County Council in the Magistrates, County and High Courts.  She became Head of the Child Protection Unit, dealing with the most serious cases, and sat on the Lincolnshire County Council's Safeguarding Board.

As Branch Manager at the Firm's Gainsborough office, Shan has led sponsorship of local football and disability football to ensure that the Firm promotes local need, looking after local people.

Shan holds the position of Vice-Chair of the Lincolnshire FA board and, as a Director, has responsibility for Organisational Development. She is now Lincolnshire's representative on the National FA Council, and is also an advocate for the disability game through her position on the Disability Football Committee, and is becoming increasingly involved in this area.



Marc is an experienced football coach who has worked for over 10 years within the men’s, women’s and youth game. Originally from Surrey, Marc moved to Oxford and then onto Lincoln, and has coached football in all these locations. This has given Marc the experience of working with a variety of people from a range of backgrounds, putting him in a position to support the Lincolnshire Football Association in forming the inclusion strategy for the county. 

Marc’s philosophy and belief is that football is a game in which everyone should be able to experience and enjoy without fear of prejudice of any type.


Steve (he/Him)

Steve works for the Royal Air Force and has experience working with a diverse range of people around the world. He has seen how different views and opinions are crucial for success and how engaging with diverse groups of individuals opens different avenues of thought. He has played football for the RAF Officers’ Team in Bulgaria and the Netherlands, before hanging up his boots and moving into coaching.

Steve completed his Level 1 coaching qualification before taking on an Under 14 side in Lincolnshire, as well as becoming a qualified referee. He has refereed at St George’s Park for the RAF Veterans against West Brom Over 35s and taken on two cup finals as an assistant referee, all in his first season. 

This diverse range of exposure to various levels of the grassroots game gives him the opportunity to see how we can influence the game and where change is needed, from the unique perspective of a referee.



Zaheer is a qualified primary school teacher and also holds a coaching qualification in football. Zaheer hosts a local football league every year, The Pundits League based in Scunthorpe, allowing access for all people aged 16+ in the surrounding areas. His mission is to provide opportunities for the BAME community, refugees and people who do not have access to playing football on a regular basis. They have teamed up with local charities and small businesses to support in their mission. Currently Zaheer and his associates are providing football tournaments, badminton sessions, weekly swimming and summer multi-sports activities to children aged between 7-15.

You can read more on The Pundits League here.


Charlotte (she/Her)

Charlotte has been involved in football for many years, participating in grassroots football as a child and teenager in London, Middlesex and Peterborough. Charlotte took the step into coaching at 15, in both Peterborough and most recently at Lincoln United, giving her experience in a range of different grassroots environments. She is extremely passionate about making football a more accessible and inclusive space, and developing her understanding of the barriers for minority groups to access the sport to better her own practice. 
Charlotte has just finished her Sports Development and Coaching Degree at the University of Lincoln. She has taken a particular interest in sports sociology, writing her dissertation on the how the intersectionality of race and gender affects the experiences of black female sports coaches. She also held a position on the School of Sport and Exercise Science Equality Diversity and Inclusion Student Board. 
Charlotte has stated that she has joined the Lincolnshire FA IAG to help clubs and Lincolnshire FA create a football environment which is both inclusive and representative of the community of Lincolnshire, as well as to work alongside different community groups to understand how different groups can be supported to enable widespread participation within the county.