Rainbow Laces

LGBTQ+ Programme FAQs

What’s the point?

Over 3% of the UK identify as Lesbian, Gay or Bi, and it’s estimated that 500,000 people identify as Trans.

However, 49 per cent of those that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community have witnessed homophobia or transphobia in sport, and 1 in 5 have experienced it. 

Furthermore, 33 per cent of those that identify as LGBTQ+ who participate or follow sport are not out to anyone in their sporting life.

Everyone in football has the right to enjoy the game as their true selves, without fear of discrimination, abuse, or unfair treatment. Unfortunately, for many people the game we all love is still not a welcome environment. 

The Lincolnshire FA LGBTQ+ Inclusive Accredited Club Programme seeks to guide clubs to be more inclusive of those that identify as part of LGBTQ+, and recognise those that are committed to inclusivity.

How do we sign up?

The first step to signing up is to read the LGBTQ+ Inclusive Accredited Club Programme Information pack here. The criteria for the scheme states that clubs must:

1. Have a minimum 2 club officials to attend a Lincolnshire FA LGBTQ+ inclusion digital workshop, with one becoming an identified ‘LGBTQ+ Ambassador’.

2. Have a club equality policy that outlines the club’s aims around LGBTQ+ inclusion.

3. Display inclusive posters provided by Stonewall and Lincolnshire FA to publicly demonstrate their commitment to inclusion within their club.

4. Club Officials, Players and Coaches over the age of 11 sign an agreement of LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Clubs are also encouraged to take any further steps that they feel relevant in the pursuit of being LGBTQ+ Inclusive.

If guidance is required at any time, or if you have any questions on the Lincolnshire FA LGBTQ+ Inclusive Accredited Club Scheme, please get in touch with Jordan Mason, Football Development Officer (Disability and Inclusion) at Jordan.Mason@LincolnshireFA.com or on 01522 596580.

What do we receive?

As well as having a great awareness of LGBTQ+ Inclusion in football and having a more positive, inclusive and welcoming environment, clubs will:

1. Receive 1x Rainbow Captain’s Armband to be used on matchdays.

2. Receive priority when expressing interest in complimentary rainbow laces.

3. Receive a certificate of their accreditation, signed by the CEO.

4. Receive a Lincolnshire FA LGBTQ+ accredited digital badge to be used on their website, social media, etc.

5. Have their club badge shown on the LGBTQ+ accredited page on the Lincolnshire FA website.

Is this appropriate for children?

YES! 68% of LGBTQ+ individuals are under the age of 15 when they first begin to identify as LGBTQ+. ‘Coming out’ isn’t something that only adults have to deal with. 

Furthermore, the National Curriculum outlines the need for primary school students to have an awareness of “healthy, loving relationships” and “same-sex parents”. Students at secondary school should learn about sexual orientation and gender identity, and Secondary schools should be aware of “issues such as everyday sexism, misogyny, homophobia and gender stereotypes” and take positive action to build a culture where these are not tolerated.

Ultimately: You don’t need to ‘teach’ your players anything! The goal is an inclusive environment: an environment where your players, coaches, volunteers and spectators are comfortable, happy, and proud to be themselves. 

Will it put people off my club?

It should do the complete opposite – by becoming an Accredited Club this programme should announce to people that your club is open-minded, welcoming, and inclusive to everyone. We want the programme to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and open the eyes of those that might be resistant to something like this previously. 

Become a trailblazer in Lincolnshire Football. Become an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Accredited Club.