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Lincolnshire FA - Early Warning System

The Lincolnshire Football Association has launched the Lincolnshire FA Early Warning System in a bid to better support our affiliate members.

The early warning system is a mechanism designed to enable clubs to mark specific teams as at ‘risk’ against a number of key areas of the game, allowing the County FA to intervene and better support clubs and teams across Lincolnshire, and crucially, at a much earlier opportunity. 

There are a number of factors that contribute to the running of a successful football club, and it’s important that the individuals holding key positions within grassroots football feel valued and supported to create the best environment for players to enjoy their football. 

The main purpose of this intervention is to improve the retention rate of existing football teams in Lincolnshire. Generally, the first time County FAs hear of the struggles of a team is when they write in to state they have disbanded, but the early warning system will allow the Lincolnshire FA to support club volunteers with the challenges they face across key areas such as facilities, FA technology & club structure.