Player Registration


Online player registration allows clubs to store player information on the Whole Game System and submit this to their respective league each season.

When player information has been added to the system, it remains there for annual registration before the start of each season; significantly reducing administration time for club volunteers and removing the requirement of repeat paper forms.



The key benefits of the player registration platform have been identified as:

• Maintaining a single record of players within the system was found to be a secure and efficient way of managing player records.

• For those clubs using Full-Time, the integration of records provided clubs with a single view of their players across WGS and Full-Time, removing needless duplication of effort and increasing the integrity of player information.

• Future benefits include greater efficiency of player discipline administration and streamlined league registration processes.

The processes have been designed to be as simple as possible and in the first instance you, and any club official you choose extend the player registration role to, are invited to:

- Match players in WGS with those in Full-Time (only applicable to clubs already using the player registration function in Full-Time).

- Add any players already in the FA database to your club list.

- Create new records for those players not currently held in the database.

- Assign all players registered with the club to their appropriate team(s).

By completing these short steps, you will have a complete list of all your players within WGS, matched where appropriate to Full-Time and attached to the individual’s team. This will have the additional benefit of saving you time next summer should your league decide to use these WGS records as the base for league registration for the 2019/20 season.


A video tutorial providing insight into how player registration works is available. To view this, please CLICK HERE

Support from Lincolnshire FA is also available; please contact

For guidance on using the Whole Game System, please CLICK HERE to download our document.

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