Lincolnshire FA Service Recognition Awards

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The Lincolnshire Football Association has in place an awards programme to reflect those volunteers that are currently active and who have given long service to administering, supporting, officiating and developing the game throughout Lincolnshire. 

There are three award categories: 

Long Service

For league secretaries, club secretaries and Lincolnshire FA Council Members who have completed not less than 10 years consecutive service.

Valued Service

For individuals who have represented their club administratively, or, have contributed to football in Lincolnshire in any other form considered outstanding, not merely worthy of merit, for a period of not less than 20 years consecutive service. The nominee’s record of service to the game must not include service as a player or referee.

Referee Long Service

Referees who have completed a minimum of 20 consecutive years in active service.

Please complete this form fully and submit to the County Headquarters no later than 31 December 2020 for the nomination to be considered. 

All applications must be made on behalf of the proposed recipient. No personal applications will be considered. Any proposed nominee must fully meet the criteria before recognition is considered.  All applications received will be considered by the Lincolnshire FA’s Chair, Vice Chair and CEO who will put forward their recommendations to the full Council of the Lincolnshire Football Association for a final decision.

Nominees who meet the criteria will be presented with their award at the following years Annual General Meeting of the Lincolnshire Football Association. Written notification of approval or otherwise will be sent to the applicant within four weeks of the relevant Council meeting.

The Lincolnshire FA can choose to further honour individuals by awarding nominees the Meritorious Service Award. This award is the highest honour the Lincolnshire FA can bestow, and its awarding is at the discretion of the Lincolnshire FA Council. The Award will only be bestowed to those who have evidenced outstanding and distinguishing service, across the game.

Please complete the nomination form (below) fully and provide as much evidence to support the nomination.