Goalkeeping CPD to be held in Lincolnshire

Coaches in Lincolnshire now have a great opportunity to look in detail at the changing role of a goalkeeper with a Goalkeeping CPD set to run in the county. 

Taking place at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy on Saturday 28 March, the event will examine the ever-evolving expectations of a modern-day goalkeeper. It is set to get underway at 10am.

Learners will investigate how stoppers are able to support the player on the ball, whilst also starting attacks with a variety of distribution techniques. This will be coupled with information on how to retain possession as a goalkeeper, as well as protecting the goal. 

A variety of classroom-based theory and practical will be used throughout the session, with the latter activities showcasing how a goalkeeper can represent a key part of the team in both attacking and defensive play. 

Candidates are expected to bring relevant stationary, suitable clothing for outdoor sessions and refreshments for the event.

If you are interested in attending the CPD, please find the relevant booking link below.