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GiveToLocal is an official partner of Lincolnshire FA and we’re working together to help clubs across the county develop long term, sustainable funding

GiveToLocal’s new, interactive webinars make it easier than ever for clubs to understand how to generate additional funding at a challenging time.

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on grassroots football across the UK. Clubs across Lincolnshire face an uncertain future and we are determined to support our players, coaches, parents and volunteers at this difficult time.

That’s why we’re partnering with GiveToLocal.

Launched in 2019, the grassroots sport service is helping thousands of clubs reach out to people and businesses within their local community. And those clubs are already benefiting from additional support.

Through GiveToLocal, clubs can access a platform which connects their teams with individuals and businesses. In turn, those individual donors benefit from special offers. 

At the same time, supportive businesses are offered a unique opportunity to broaden their reach where it matters most.

It’s a great model that enables communities to come together.

Everyone can make a contribution. And everyone can benefit. 

GiveToLocal is hosting webinars throughout July that will provide clubs with an introduction to how the organisation’s innovative and free service works.

The webinars are completely free for any clubs or individuals involved in grassroots football in the Lincolnshire FA area.

And Adam Thurston, Football Development Manager for the Lincolnshire FA, believes that GiveToLocal has the ability to help grassroots football clubs across the county.

“At this moment in time, clubs in Lincolnshire are facing unprecedented challenges,” said Adam.

“As a result, I think that clubs will be finding it challenging to raise additional funds due to the lack of both fundraising opportunities and summer tournaments.

“I believe that clubs will be receiving help and support through GiveToLocal that will connect them to their local communities, which will then enable them to secure financial sustainability.

“The need to connect clubs with their local community is massive and I believe that GiveToLocal can play a major role in this.”

GiveToLocal’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Colin Stromsoy, is delighted that the Lincolnshire FA is promoting the organisation's webinars.

“We're excited to be working in partnership with the Lincolnshire FA to help clubs across the county secure much needed funds,” said Colin.

“As part of our commitment to the partnership, we are hosting free webinars throughout July. 

“With the support of the Lincolnshire FA we’ll explain how GiveToLocal works and how it can help all clubs and teams develop sustainable, long term funding.”


Find out how each of your teams can secure £2,000 per year through GiveToLocal by attending one of these Free Webinars. The service and support on offer is not only free for clubs but it is proven to work and supported by Lincolnshire FA.

The webinars will take place between 7-8pm on the following dates:

Tuesday 7 July
Monday 13 July
Wednesday 22 July
Thursday 30 July