Grimsby Ancient

Your Club in Focus: Grimsby Ancient Mariners WFC

With thanks to Peter Cribb, Club Ambassador at Grimsby Ancient Mariners WFC (pictured, left)

In the latest edition of Your Club in Focus, Peter Cribb, Club Ambassador at Grimsby Ancient Mariners WFC, talks about the benefits of Walking Football and how the club has been keeping in touch with members during the covid-19 outbreak…  
Grimsby Ancient What is the background to your club?

The club was founded in 2012 working with Lincs Inspire, playing over two daily sessions with up to 80 players, all members aged 55 or above.
How long have you been involved at the club?

Since 2013
How and why did you get into grassroots football?

I played local football from 16 up to 35, when injury caused an early retirement. I then got into Walking Football at 63; it’s a brilliant idea to bring grassroots back to the older person.
Why do you think grassroots football is important to so many people?

Promoting health and well-being, and involving others collectively.
As a club, what do you feel you do best?

Providing an organised outlet for a forgotten age group and giving social interaction between so many participants.
Grimsby Ancient What achievements are you and the club most proud of?

Winning the FA People’s Cup in 2016, taking part in the Sport Relief Challenge and competing in Holland representing North Easy Lincs. Also, providing a social structure to keep members and their families together.
What are your areas for development as a club?

To be in a positive frame to be able to develop further sessions at different venues when or if they are needed.
This is a very difficult period for grassroots football as a whole. What measures are being adopted to see the club through these challenging times?
Currently we are keeping in regular touch with our many members, via a Whatsapp group, daily quizzes and photo sessions, anything to keep the name of GAM in the forefront of our members’ minds, we’re always ready to kick off again when able to do so.
If somebody wanted to join the club, in either a playing, coaching or volunteering capacity, how should they get in touch?

Any potential member, either playing or just socially can either turn up to a regular session, the first is always free, or message via our Facebook page when we will call them back. Any potential member, once paid their membership fee is entitled to all the benefits of all members. No qualifying period.