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FA Learning Update - September 2020

FA Education have agreed a new 4-year strategy

FA Education have agreed a new 4-year strategy ‘Fit for the Future’. This includes a review of the current course delivery model.

At the heart of this strategy lies the intention to:

• Modernise the learning offer by harnessing our digital capabilities to provide better learning experiences
• Develop an on-going relationship with coaches that directly supports you with your coaching practice and context
• Identify, qualify and develop a more diverse coaching workforce though the game
• To establish a more cost-effective and efficient business model

The new 4-year strategy and Covid-19 has therefore instantly implemented change on Lincolnshire FA’s coach education delivery, which has been broken down into three distinctive stages (as seen below).

Coach Ed


To view a number of frequently asked questions and find out more about how this new strategy will affect you, please see the document below.