Desktop Reviews and Example Club Websites

Lincolnshire FA has moved over to a desktop review approach

Back in December we contacted clubs about the way in which our Safeguarding Validation Visits were changing due to the pandemic, and explained we would be moving over to a desktop review approach.

We provided information about how a desktop review would be conducted, with the aim of us being able to locate information on club websites and social media platforms that members can access, including the ability to locate policies and procedures should they be needed by members.

Having conducted numerous desktop reviews this season, we have found a couple of areas that we feel we need to address and support our clubs with.

One of the main issues identified is that some clubs either did not have websites or where they did have one, they were not using them to their full potential or keeping them up to date. We could see that some clubs just used social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter, which is really good, but it is vital the members of clubs and potential new members can access the important club documents and contact information via a club website. This allows clubs to have a central point that holds everything needed. 

Example Websites

We have been working with two website providers to create an ‘Example FC’ template that clubs can view and mirror onto their own website. The two providers are Pitchero and MyClubWebsite. Should your club be looking to build a new website then these providers offer either a free or low-cost website build platform, making sites easy to create and maintain. 

The first provider is Pitchero 


Their free platform allows you to hold all the information that you will see on our Example FC website here:  

You also have the option to upgrade to a monthly subscription that opens up other features of the website.

The second provider is MyClubWebsite 


There is a low cost annual subscription which allows you to access all the features of a website and the following link will take you to our Example FC site:

If you would like further information on any of the information provided then please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Pridmore, Designated Safeguarding Officer, on