November Blog from Agrigem

Keep up the repairs!

With your surfaces now having constant use, the amount of daily wear and tear will be ongoing so it is good practice to keep on top of your turf management as soon as possible.

A preventative measure is to change the height of cut to help with increased coverage and to reduce wear and tear from heavy use.

If time allows after a game, replace as many divots as possible with a divot fork to keep your surfaces level, and aid the repair of the damaged grass.

Try to keep your surface as clear as possible of all debris and decaying grass or arisings to allow your surfaces to drain successfully.

Should significant damage occur, use low temperature germinating rye seed ranges to help and aid recovery by filling in the damaged area to stop any unwanted grass varieties or weeds forming in the affected area.

In areas over-seeded, a light dressing with our 70/30 top dressing would be recommended to keep the seed bedding in situ and to aid germination. 

To keep your plant in good condition during high periods of wear and tear, a stress relief is advisable. For example, a tank mix of Double Edge/Kelpack and Phyter will give you an all-round recovery spray application.

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