rainbow laces

Rainbow Laces Ready

We're proud to be supporting Rainbow Laces

Lincolnshire FA are proud to support the Rainbow Laces campaign, which started on 25 November and runs until 12 December, promoting the message that football truly is a game for all.

As part of our support of the Rainbow Laces campaign, we have a batch of rainbow laces ready for collection. Unfortunately, allocation is extremely limited. We will be as fair as possible in distributing them, but we may not be able to fulfil all requests.

If you would be interested in receiving an allocation of rainbow laces from Lincolnshire FA to engage with the campaign, please fill out the form HERE. Please only express interest if you or your club will use them. 

Wednesday 8 December will be this year’s landmark ‘wear your rainbow laces day’, where teams, leagues, businesses, schools and leading sports personalities all over the word will be getting together to wear their laces with pride. 

This year, Lincolnshire FA are looking to highlight that the equality and acceptance that the laces represent are as essential to football as the balls, kits, boots, shin pads, players, coaches, referees and other vital components that make the game possible. With this in mind, why not upload a photo to social media of your rainbow laces alongside something that is vital to the game? You’ve got plenty of examples above, but feel free to think of your own. And don’t forget to use the hashtags #RainbowLaces and #RainbowLacesDay!

Participation from your leagues, clubs and other organisations throughout the Rainbow Laces campaign shows support in your local community, and we hope you will show your support by engaging with the campaign throughout this period so that together, we can make football everyone’s game.

LGBTQ+ people are part of our club community. Let’s celebrate them, share their stories, and show our support. Be an active ally to the LGBTQ+ community: challenge slurs and report homophobia, transphobia and biphobia when you see it.

For more information on the campaign and to access a series of useful resources to help you engage with your friends, family, or team, please click here