September Blog from Agrigem - Autumn Fertilisers

This month’s feature is on Autumn Fertilisers

As the name suggests, it’s time to concentrate on autumn fertiliser for your pitches. Autumn fertiliser is key to encouraging and supporting strong root throughout the heaviest periods of usage.

At this point, it is best to get a soil sample to see what your surface is telling you from a nutrition point of view within your profile to ensure that you select the most effective analysis. 

Once you have received your soil samples, you can then plan a controlled and accurate approach to get the correct nutrition to push you through strong for the Autumn/Winter periods.

You can use a range of products. whether it’s a slow or controlled release granular fertiliser’s such as Nutirgrow 18-3.5-8/20-0-15, or regular conventional 3-12-12, 4-0-4MgFe or 5-0-29MgFe.

Smaller inputs of Nitrogen are used at this time when the temperatures lower and light levels reduce.

This is to stop unnecessary fleshy top growth and to retain strong recovery growth.

Keep using Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) and look reduce the rate to keep all the energy working within the plant and aiding root development.

Complement with regular fortnightly foliar such as Autumn Gem, Phyter and Calmax alongside soil amendments including Abzorb, Kelpack with either Tonivit or Double Edge applications.

Now your surfaces are growing in nicely, plenty of leaf cleanliness and raking is also needed to keep good health, reduce thatch build up and increase airflow to the leaf canopy. 

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