LFA Strategy

Introducing Lincolnshire FA’s new, five-year strategy

‘One Lincolnshire Community, united and inspired by the power of football.’

We are pleased to announce our five-year strategy, ‘One Lincolnshire Community, united and inspired by the power of football.’

The five-year strategy was developed following a county-wide consultation with the communities and organisations involved in grassroots football in Lincolnshire. We are excited to share this strategy with you as we believe the five-year period will enable the Association to plan and allocate resources effectively and efficiently to best meet the long term aims and aspirations of our members, wider stakeholders, and our communities. 

The strategy will be reviewed on an annual basis with business planning decisions implemented to ensure the strategy is fulfilled. This approach signals a new direction for the Association and outlines our commitment to long term planning and resource allocation that will enable our ambitions for football in the county to be realised. The key aims of the strategy are: 

creating safe and inclusive football environments
retain, sustain and then lead the growth and development of all formats of the game 
recruit and develop a diverse workforce that meets need and supports growth 
develop and improve our business to better serve our members and communities

Nick Hanson, Chief Executive Officer at the Lincolnshire Football Association, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to finally announce our new strategy. Our board, staff, clubs, leagues, and participants have all had the opportunity to contribute to directing our work for the next five years. We look forward to working with all those involved in grassroots football in Lincolnshire to deliver this ambitious plan.’

Chairman of the Association, Grahame Lyner, said: “We have been through two incredibly challenging seasons for everyone involved in football in Lincolnshire. ‘One Lincolnshire community united and inspired by the power of football’ is an opportunity to initially reset and then refocus our efforts to ensure that grassroots football continues to play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of our communities. I am excited to see what we, in collaboration with all of our stakeholders, will achieve together over the next five years as we develop football in Lincolnshire.

The strategy can be viewed in full here (PDF)


Lincs FA infographic