Match Energy

Lincolnshire FA Partner with Match Energy

Save money and earn sponsorship for your club with Match Energy

Lincolnshire FA is proud to partner with Match Energy – an experienced team of energy brokers who offer total energy cost management for a wide range of business and sports venues around the UK.

Match EnergyWith access to the cheapest prices in the marketplace from over 30 suppliers, including the ‘Big Six’, Match Energy can save you money on your next energy deal. 

Two great ways to save money and earn sponsorship with Match Energy:

Fans to support scheme

Match Energy have partnered up with Switchd to enable you as a club to help your fans/supporters by promoting your club’s affiliate link created on the services tab on the Match Energy website. 

This means for every time one of your fans signs up to receive the cheapest gas and electricity deal for their homes through your club’s affiliate link, you as a club will receive another form of revenue stream through Match Energy by being an affiliate partner through the 'Fans to Support scheme', which is completely free of charge to sign up to. With homeowners’ energy prices increasing dramatically, this is a great way to reward your loyal fans by saving them money.


Pledge to support scheme

The 'Pledge to Support scheme’ is an excellent way of helping your sports club financially. By enabling Match Energy to find you the cheapest energy deal across the entire marketplace with suppliers including the ‘Big Six’, they pledge to give back to your club sponsorship to reinvest money back into your club. Match Energy have worked closely with sports clubs and leisure centres for over 20 years and know the struggle the clubs are going through now, so by saving money on your utility bills, you can then invest the savings back into the club and help with other aspects such as kits and equipment. It’s a win-win.


Contact Match Energy

T: 0330 043 2262