Referee promotions

Referee Promotions

Congratulations to Ian Ruddock and Alex Sawden!

Lincolnshire FA are delighted to announce the promotion to Level 3 (Step 3 and 4) Referee for Ian Ruddock (pictured, left) of Boston RA and Alex Sawden (right) of Grimsby RA. 

Michael Brader, Referee Development Officer at Lincolnshire FA, said “This is richly deserved by both Ian and Alex. They may have followed slightly different paths with Ian becoming a referee following years of disagreeing with them on the local parks and Alex commencing as a schoolboy, but they have a common theme of hard work and a willingness to learn. 

“In addition to their own refereeing they can also be regularly found at the side of the pitch observing the up and coming match officials in their areas and it is fitting that two people who have been a model of consistency on and off the pitch, contributing so richly to refereeing in Lincolnshire, have been recognised. 

“Hopefully this is just the latest step along their refereeing journey.”

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