Scunthorpe & District FL Centenary

Scunthorpe and District Football League Centenary

Celebratory dinner hosted on Friday 3rd June.

To celebrate the centenary of the Scunthorpe & District Football League a celebratory dinner was held on Friday 3rd June 2022 at Heslam Park, Scunthorpe.

Over 90 guests enjoyed a three-course meal, followed by an entertaining talk by former Newcastle United and Liverpool player Alan Kennedy about his experiences throughout his career.

Ray Hewson, the President of the Scunthorpe and District Football League – which is currently sponsored by EC Surfacing Ltd – was presented with an award from the Lincolnshire Football Association by Council Member, Steve Lilley.

In response, both Alan and Steve were presented with a memento to show the league’s appreciation of their attendance at the celebration.

Scunthorpe & District FL Centenary