The Story of Hughsie FC

Hughsie FC was founded by Phil Skayman in memory of his friend Adam Hughes, whom in 2009 passed from the condition SADS.

Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, or SADS as it’s often referred to, is when someone dies suddenly following a cardiac arrest and no obvious cause can be found.

Hughsie Adam Hughes was a real character and a special footballer who was the heartbeat of any team he played in. He was such a great lad on and off the field that even those who only met him briefly still fondly remembered him. Adam sadly passed away unexpectedly on 29th June 2009, age 25, whilst asleep. He was very fit and active and had no underlying health condition.

To date, Hughsie FC have played over 500 games in local Lincolnshire leagues raising awareness and monies for SADS. Hughsie have raised over £11,000 for SADS and a further £7,500 for other local charities making their charity total exceed £18,500. The group have had success on and off the field, having recently been nominated for 2 charity awards.

Hughsie FC have not just been involved in charity football matches, but members of their squad have also ran marathons, climbed up to the base of Mount Everest, amongst many other epic challenges all for charities.

The current squad of Hughsie FC play in 11 a-side charity football matches and in the Welton Over 35 Veterans League. They have over 40 players in the squad, the youngest being 16 and the oldest being 60.  

Their manager Phil Skayman said: "To play for Hughsie FC is not just about playing football it’s about representing the charities we support. We play the game we love with respect and for the right reasons. We are competitive but we play with a smile on our face and the charity will always win whether Hughsie FC wins, draws, or loses. We also do a lot to support mental health and ensure that as a group we are always there for each other."

Lincolnshire FA Football Development Manager, Jake Park, added: “We have a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for the work Hughsie FC, and other local charity clubs, carry out both on and off the football pitch. The club have utilised Adam’s love & passion for football to raise incredible amounts of money for good causes, and to raise awareness of the important health conditions that can affect any person at any time. Phil, who spearheads the club, is an incredibly selfless individual, and we’re excited to support Hughsie in any way we can, starting with finding them a new, local home ground.”

Hughsie Hughsie FC have ambitious plans to grow further as a club and offer more players and subsequent teams the opportunity to represent them and their club values. The next step on this journey is to find a base to call their home and continue to grow in the local community they support.

Their next match is against United Lincolnshire Hospital, and is to be played at the training ground of England - St Georges Park!
If you are looking to find out more about the club, whether that be sponsorship opportunities or how you may support their journey, you can contact Phil on 07368 162491.