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Lincolnshire Lionesses putting skills to practice!

Female coaches thriving after Lincolnshire Lionesses Leadership Course

The Lincolnshire Lionesses Course runs across Lincolnshire to give females, aged 14+, the opportunity to improve their leadership skills, deliver activities to others in their community, and be a role model. 

Epworth LionessesThis year, 86 females across Lincolnshire are signed up to complete the course. In the last month, a handful of those enrolled have already completed the course by delivering football in their community. 

Libby and Maisie from Epworth Town U15 girls put their skills to the test when they both coached the club’s Wildcats session. The Wildcats attendees aged between 5 and 11 all loved the session and really appreciated having some female role models to look up to. 

Laura Weighill, the club’s Female Development Officer, said: "The girls did a fantastic job with planning and running the session. They showed me their plan and we discussed what equipment we needed. They were great with the Wildcats girls; they explained everything well and all the girls had a great time during the session. Several of the girls asked if they could come back and do it again."

Over at Boston United, Tilly D, Maddy, Evie, Tilly C, Masie, Tilly M and Scarlet, all from the club’s U15s team, all took huge initiative when they coached for a full day at the HAF (Holiday Activities and Food) Easter Camp that took place at Boston United. The girls coached boys and girls from both Primary and Secondary Schools in the area and did a fantastic job. All 7 girls loved the experience and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to develop themselves and their leadership skills. 

Nicola Drummond, the girls coach, said: "the girls were fantastic. Considering it was their first-time coaching, for them to have the confidence to speak up in front of a group not too far off their own age is amazing. The sessions were well planned out and as a coach I find it vital to be adaptable, which they all were. Each session was altered to bring the best out of their group. I'm super proud of all of them. They really did shine and those that attended today hopefully will look up to them. I also want to thank Lincolnshire FA for providing course that I really hope is just the beginning, not only of their coaching career but life skills they will have learnt today too. They will have taken on so much more than they will realise, but it will set them up so well. As a club I hope they will be involved in future events as they are an absolute credit to the club."

Cissy Radford, Lincolnshire FA Women and Girls Football Development Officer, said: "It’s so fantastic to see these clubs and players engaging with the Lincolnshire Lionesses Programme. Encouraging the senior girls at your club to get into coaching or volunteering has the potential to make a big impact. By providing our youngest players with female role models, clubs can create a welcoming and supportive environment and encourage girls to pursue their footballing dreams. Through the Lincolnshire Lionesses Leadership Programme, clubs can support their players to give back and coach the next generation of female footballers. Well done and thank you to Epworth Town Colts and Boston United Football Club for supporting their players through the course."

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