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An Alternative Approach To Shirt Sponsorship at Grimsby Corinthians

A local grassroots football club has taken an interesting & alternative approach to shirt sponsorship for their new playing kits!

In previous seasons, Grimsby Corinthians Walking Football Club have been indebted to a number of local businesses for financial support and shirt sponsorship. This season, however, the club have found themselves in the fortunate position of not needing to seek such financial support and instead the management committee decided that the club would identify some local charities that might benefit from some free exposure of their brand.

Members from the club put forward local groups that they would like the club to support and following contact with a number of groups, the chosen charities were:

Andy’s Man Club
Platform To Talk
Parkinson's UK
NE Lincs Women’s Aid

Team photoThe members of Grimsby Corinthians recognise the benefits they get regarding improved mental wellbeing through their walking football activities and interactions with other members so by supporting ‘Andy’s Man Club’ & ‘Platform To Talk’, they hope to help others find alternative  groups that can help those in need of support.

The support for Parkinson's UK is close to the heart of many members of the club, with one of the coaches being diagnosed late last year and they and their partner have received superb support from the local support groups of Parkinson's UK. The final group that Grimsby Corinthians are supporting is the NE Lincs Women’s Aid Group who, again, are close to the hearts of the members, and some of the group previously supported Women’s Aid as volunteers.

The local charities had the following to say...

A spokesperson for Women’s Aid said; "We would love to be involved in this and it’s a great opportunities to raise the profile of Women’s AID NEL."

Platform To Talk stated: "We would be thrilled for you to wear our logo, thanks for considering us."

Parkinson's UK commented: "We would be more than happy to provide our logo for your new kit and for it to be displayed with Grimsby Support Group."

And finally, Andy’s Man Club said: "We would love for you to have the logo on the side of your kit."

This is a fantastic example of a grassroots football club giving back to the local community.  

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