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Lincolnshire FA Introduces Safety Eyewear Fund

Applications for the fund are now being welcomed ahead of the 2023/24 season

Lincolnshire FA are now inviting applications for youth players to access the safety eyewear fund, as we head into the 2023/24 season. 

Wearing everyday glasses whilst playing risks injury to either the player or other participants. Within the Laws of the Game, match officials can prevent players wearing glasses from playing if the participants’ glasses are deemed unsafe. 

Anyone that wears glasses for everyday activities will need to wear specialised safety eyewear (Sport Goggles or Sports Glasses) during Football practice or matches.
The fund is open to Under 18’s that are part of an affiliated club in Lincolnshire to help support with costs of Safety Eyewear.

Lincolnshire FA have a fund of £1000, which will run from 1st July 2023 – 30th June 2024 for a trial season – Once the money has been exhausted for the season, that is it.

Following exceptional uptake, this fund is currently closed due to the available funds being fully allocated. Updates on future funding will be made available via our social media channels.

Applications must be received from an Affiliated Club that the participant pays for (Secretary or Chairman)
Applications must be received prior to purchase of the Safety Eyewear
Awards will be made to support the purchase of Safety Eyewear only
Lincolnshire FA will provide a maximum donation of up to £50.00 towards the total cost on evidence of the receipt, (Which includes the company name and address)
Applications for the fund can only be received from the same participants once every 3 years 

Those who would like to apply for the Safety Eyewear Fund can do so by downloading the form below:


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