Kick On Programme

Lincolnshire FA Launch New Recreational Football Programme

The Kick On programme seeks to guide and support football providers to deliver an effective, sustainable recreational football offer

Lincolnshire FA are excited to launch a new recreational football programme - called the Kick On programme - with new providers are being offered up to £200 to support the start-up of their delivery. 

The Lincolnshire FA Kick On Programme seeks to guide and support football providers in Lincolnshire to deliver an effective, sustainable recreational football offer with a low-administration, hassle-free format.

Recreational football is exactly what it says on the tin – football that is low-commitment, casual, and suits the needs of modern-day players. It’s for players who can’t commit to play every week, don’t want to play matches, or just want to enjoy football in an informal environment. It’s no hassle, no pressure, just football as it should be – fun.

Recreational football should be convenient not just for player, but for those that run it too – so Lincolnshire FA have launched their new Kick On Programme to support providers to deliver recreational football effectively and efficiently, whilst ensuring quality assurance and safeguarding protocols are in place.

Who is Kick On for?

  • Lincolnshire FA’s Kick On Programme is for everyone, so whether you want to deliver to 10-year-old’s or 100-year-old’s, you can get involved. 
  • You can make your sessions open to external participants, or keep them within specific groups or communities. 
  • You can make them male-only, female-only, mixed, or for specific age groups. It’s your session to run, so you can make the decisions.
  • It’s for new players, experienced players, and everyone in between.
  • Whatever you decide to do, it’s about offering football that’s fun and enjoyable whether you’re there every week or only on occasion. 

How does it work?

  • Providers need to complete a short application form that provide the details of the session.
  • Lincolnshire FA will then get in touch to offer support, guidance and where relevant, funding or equipment packages.
  • Where applicable (i.e., if offering sessions to those aged under 18) providers will need to evidence the appropriate safeguarding and DBS qualifications.
  • The provider then delivers the sessions as outlined on their application, whether that’s once a week, once a fortnight or once month – whatever works for you!
  • Providers can deliver sessions however they like, whether they play small-sided matches, mini games and activities, or even a Soccercise style session.
  • Providers will be required to submit a register once every six weeks to Lincolnshire FA.

What does the Kick On programme not cover?

  • The Lincolnshire FA Recreational Football Programme is not just a training session for teams that compete in structured leagues or competitions (please get in touch with if you would like to enquire about affiliating a structured, competitive team).
  • It’s not a competition, or a means for entering a group of players into a competition.

What do Kick On providers receive?

Providers of Kick On will receive:

  • Up to £200 in funding to support the start-up of delivery.
  • Access to discounted kit and equipment, including bibs, cones and footballs.
  • On-hand support from the County FA, on all things from delivery support, session promotion, and more.
  • Branded marketing assets to help you promote your session.
  • Entry into bi-monthly draws including prizes such as FA Cup tickets, England Men’s and Women’s tickets, Kitlocker vouchers, and more.

Luke Craggs, Football Development Officer (Male Pathway) at Lincolnshire FA, said: "We are really excited to get the Kick On programme off the ground, with such a wide scope to be able to support clubs and providers to allow playing opportunities in their communities. Creating the opportunity for this to be led by people in those areas, knowing what will be best.

Making the set up and administration for those delivering as easy as possible was key for us in the planning process. We hope this new style will not only support the sustainable nature of recreational football, but also allow for unlimited growth across the county."


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