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Lincoln United: The New Home Of LGBTQ+ Football Sessions

The Whites have taken on and now operate LGBTQ+ Inclusive Football Sessions

Lincoln United Football Club are the new providers of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Recreational Football in Lincolnshire, running weekly recreational football sessions that are designed to be a safe, inclusive and enjoyable offering for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

The group, initially started up by Lincolnshire FA, take part in a recreational football session at the LNER Stadium's 3G astro every Wednesday evening between 8pm and 9pm. 

Recreational football is exactly what it says on the tin – football that is low-commitment, casual, and suits the needs of modern-day players. It’s for players who can’t commit to play every week, don’t want to play matches, or just want to enjoy football in an informal environment. It’s no hassle, no pressure, just football as it should be – fun.

The session and the number of participants is growing in size week on week, with the ultimate goal of offering football for all – regardless of age, sexual orientation, race or gender. LGBTQ+ individuals unfortunately often have expressed barriers to them participating in football, such as the growing rate of homophobic discrimination or negative coverage of transgender inclusion in the media. This session aims to break down those barriers and allow LGBTQ+ individuals a place to come together to play and enjoy football without judgement or fear, as well as a place where allies of the community can come to support the people around them and enjoy the offering. 

The session has been inspired by the work done by LGBTQ+ inclusive teams in neighboring counties such as Nottingham Lions and Leicester Wildcats. While Lincoln United's current offering is non-competitive and purely recreational, the ambition is that this could be the start of the club heading in the direction of creating Lincolnshire's only LGBTQ+ competitive football team. 

The session is open to all and participants can sample their first week completely free of charge. Following this, there is a weekly fee of £3 per person. 

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Zack Leader, Lincolnshire FA's LGBTQ+ Ambassador and Coach of Lincoln United's LGBTQ+ sessions, said: "I'm absolutely thrilled that Lincoln United has come on board to take these sessions and our offering under their club umbrella. Lincoln United are a brilliant community club and have a real commitment to inclusion in football, with this new team being a shining example of this commitment. 

We've got a brilliant group of players already who are such lovely people, and while we all have very different journey's and stories, we're all united and brought together by our love of football. I look forward to seeing where this goes and am really excited to welcome as many people as possible to our really special group!"

Gemma Bell, Junior Director at Lincoln United, said: "In a world that sometimes seems divided, football unites us all, breaking barriers and building bridges of inclusivity. Having the opportunity to take on this extraordinary new football session shows us that when we play together, we become one team with limitless potential. Lincoln United Football Club is open to everyone."

Jordan Mason, Football Development Officer (Disability & Inclusion), added: "It's amazing to see specific LGBTQ+ Inclusive football offered here in Lincolnshire for the first time. Generally, football is making huge strides to be more safe, enjoyable, and inclusive for people of all identities, and I'm incredibly proud to see a new initiative available for those that identify as LGBTQ+ and allies alike to participate in a format of football that suits them, whether they can't, or don't want to, participate in the more traditional pathways."


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