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Technical Surfaces Agree New Partnership With Lincolnshire FA

They're proud to be investing in grassroots football in Lincolnshire
Technical Surfaces is delighted to announce a new partnership with Lincolnshire FA for the 2023/24 season, delivering quality maintenance to 3G pitches across the region.
Established in 1998, Technical Surfaces provides a complete culture of preventative and corrective maintenance for 3G pitches and synthetic surfaces. Their client base exceeds 5,000 facilities at sports clubs, leisure centres, schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. 

Quality assurance is increasingly fundamental to 3G pitch provision, and the best example of this is the FA 3G Pitch Register – the definitive list of all 3G Pitches in England with FIFA or FA approved classification. A pitch can only be listed on the 3G Register if it meets certain performance criteria, which in turn is only achieved through a sustained programme of specialist and routine maintenance.

Technical Surfaces philosophy is Maintaining Standards, and they apply this not only to the work they do, helping to ensure that surfaces can be enjoyed at their best and safest, but also to the way they do business – they never forget that excellent customer service is of paramount importance to their continued success.

They remain at the forefront of their industry, committed to researching and applying the latest maintenance techniques to benefit all users of 3G pitches and other synthetic sports surfaces. They are proud of their contribution to the advancement of synthetic turf maintenance, and look forward to continue Maintaining Standards.

Sinead Merry, Business Development Manager at Technical Surfaces, said: "Technical Surfaces is delighted to be working in partnership with Lincolnshire FA to deliver quality maintenance to 3G pitches across the region.

From recreational football to competitive matches, we understand how important it is for players across Lincolnshire to have confidence in their 3G facilities, both as a quality playing surface and in terms of health & safety.

We are proud to be investing in grassroots football in Lincolnshire and look forward to delivering specialist maintenance to 3G pitches, as well as undertaking our indicative performance testing on FIFA Quality and Quality Pro surfaces and providing ongoing technical support to all synthetic pitches in the region."

Chris Funnell, Head of Football Operations at Lincolnshire FA, said: “Our renewed approach to commercial partnerships is exciting new territory for us as the County Football Association but also for our existing and prospective new partnerships. 

As such, I’m delighted that Technical Surfaces has declared its support of grassroots football in Lincolnshire by joining the Lincolnshire FA as one of our commercial partners. at Technical Surfaces are at the forefront of their industry, so to have them on board and investing in the grassroots game across Lincolnshire speaks volumes of the progress and state our local game is currently in. They're going to play a big part in our facilities development programme over the course of this season."

Technical Surfaces

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