Sleaford Town JFC

Sleaford Town JFC Achieve Lincolnshire FA LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club Accreditation

They've shown their commitment to inclusion by achieving the accreditation

Sleaford Town Junior Football Club have been awarded their Lincolnshire FA’s LGBTQ+ Inclusive Club Accreditation, following their completion earlier in the season and were presented their certification of completion and rainbow armbands on Wednesday 10th April 2024.

They received their Accreditation certificate from Jordan Mason (Football Development Manager).

The Lincolnshire Football Association’s LGBTQ+ accreditation framework is for clubs in Lincolnshire to demonstrate the steps they are making to be an inclusive environment for those that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ Community.

The Lincolnshire FA Vision (One Lincolnshire Community, United and Inspired by the Power of Football) is built on the foundations of unity, inclusivity, and acceptance. Our goal is for all football in the county and beyond to be an environment where every player, coach, referee, spectator, or volunteer can enjoy the game and feel comfortable in being themselves, without fear of discrimination.

An inclusive club is one where all members can be their true selves without fear of discrimination or judgement, and instead feel welcomed and valued. A truly inclusive club will see an increase in both enjoyment and performance.

When speaking about the Accreditation with Jay (Chair of Sleaford Town JFC), he said: "For me, it's about growing the club and growing the awareness, and demonstrating our attitude towards being inclusive and making football for all."

Neil (Vice-Chair of Sleaford Town JFC) said: "I very much echo what Jay said. Football is for everyone, no matter who you are or what you are. We are a club that really wants to demonstrate that to the world."

Suzy (Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Sleaford Town JFC) said: "With the size of our club, I think it's really good that we've actually been able to do this and get all of our players on board. We've got 20 odd teams full of players so if all of them are signing the documentation and showing their commitment to being inclusive, that's a big area of Lincolnshire so I think it's great that we've done it. 

We set up a stall for diversity, in which we had posters and information on display to raise awareness and educate people within our club, as well as points of contact if you need support. We've got a section on our social media about our diversity and what we do, and we took part in the Rainbow Laces where 10 of our coaches all wore the laces along with the players. We've got posters all over the clubhouse too so wherever you go, you can see what we're about and know this is a club for everyone, and if you're not for this then you won't be part of our club".

Jordan Mason, Football Development Manager (Disability & Inclusion Lead) at Lincolnshire FA, said: “Sleaford Town JFC encapsulates everything it means to be a truly inclusive club. They have seen tremendous success at all levels of the club and offer first-class provision across our male and female pathways.

Becoming our most recent Lincolnshire FA LGBTQ+ Accredited Club is just their latest step in everything they do to make football a safer, more welcoming, and more inclusive space for everyone – including those that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.”

For more information on our LGBTQ+ Accreditation Programme, and how your club can begin the process, click here 

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