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Promoting The Game: Media Officer Support Group Launched

The primary goal is to foster a supportive network among media, marketing, and communications volunteers across Lincolnshire football clubs

Lincolnshire FA has recently launched a support group for volunteer Media Officers across Lincolnshire grassroots football clubs, with the primary goal of fostering a support network that can benefit the work of volunteers in media related roles and recognise the work they put in to promoting the local game.

After consulting with volunteers from the grassroots football community, it became evident that there is a strong desire for more support and recognition for their efforts. In response to this feedback, we launched our Media Officer Support Group which currently has 44 members and is supported by Lincoln City, Boston United, and Scunthorpe United.

The primary goal of this working group is to foster a supportive network among media, marketing, and communications officers across Lincolnshire football clubs. By joining this group, individuals will have the opportunity to:

Collaborate on campaigns: We work together on national and local campaigns to promote football opportunities and initiatives in our communities.

Increase engagement: We share ideas and strategies to enhance engagement with your projects and your clubs.

Share best practices: We host regular briefings to exchange knowledge and learn from each other, as well as host CPD events for personal development and aim to provide exclusive opportunities.

Provide support: Media Officers will have access to a WhatsApp group where you can communicate with fellow officers and receive regular updates and assistance.

The contributions of volunteers to the success of football in our region is invaluable, and we want to ensure we do more to support those who make our game happen so they feel supported and empowered in their roles. 

If you or someone at your club is involved with your media, communications, or marketing, we invite you to join our Media Officer Support Group by filling out the form below:

Sign up to our Media Officer group here

Zack Leader, Media & Marketing Officer at Lincolnshire FA, said: "I'm really pleased to have got this working group going and am already enjoying trying to support the brilliant volunteers in Lincolnshire in their media related roles on a weekly basis. While many volunteers appreciate and would like more recognition and reward, a lot more would like better support in their roles. Groups like this aim to bridge that gap between different volunteers from across our County.

Not only have we seen an increase in engagement with local and national campaigns, but we've also seen an increase in engagement and support from our clubs since they've been a part of this network. Whether it be from engaging in different campaigns, or using new design software to increase brand identity, we're already seeing that support networks for roles across grassroots football is incredibly beneficial and so, hopefully, we'll see more groups like this moving forward".


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