Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough: Real Examples From Lincolnshire

Poor behaviour in football is increasing, and Lincolnshire is no exception to this. Enough is Enough.

Enough is Enough, a campaign which aims to raise awareness of discriminatory behaviour in grassroots football and the significant consequences that will face perpetrators of hate, has been ongoing since the start of this season.

Aimed at grassroots players, coaches, parents, and supporters, the campaign makes clear to everyone involved in the game what behaviours are deemed as discriminatory, as well as reaffirming that behaviour of this nature will not be tolerated in English football.

Enough is Enough also focuses on the importance of reporting of incidents of discrimination and highlighting the different ways to do this through match officials, The FA, Kick It Out and local County FAs. This campaign encourages everyone in the game that sees or hears an incident of discrimination to report it through the official channels so that the appropriate action can be taken.

The campaign also outlines the support available to victims, which includes access to a range of specialist mental health and wellbeing services, which are funded by The FA and delivered by charity Sporting Chance

This builds on the ongoing work to address unacceptable, discriminatory and illegal behaviour across the game, under the football-wide Love Football. Protect the Game initiative, which aims to ensure that the actions of the minority do not spoil the game for all.

From the start of the 2023-24 season, we introduced point deductions for teams across the grassroots game whose players or coaches commit repeated offences of serious misconduct, which includes discriminatory behaviour. This landmark change in sanctioning followed consistent feedback from across grassroots football that player behaviour is a significant issue, making clear to clubs that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

As part of our localised approach to the Enough is Enough campaign, we've been highlighting the issues being faced across Lincolnshire in grassroots football. We haven't shied away from the language used, or the incidents taking place to show the problem we face in our area. While the majority of games that take place every week go ahead with no issues, there are a growing number that do and as a community, we have to say that enough is enough and ensure that football is safe, enjoyable, and inclusive for all. 

You can read through the examples we highlighted below. The language you're about to see is not only offensive, it's discriminatory towards protected characteristics and constitutes a hate crime. 

Examples from grassroots football in Lincolnshire

  • A spectator at an Under 11's fixture called an opposition parent a "fucking faggot", which was heard by an Under 18 Referee. The incident was reported to Lincolnshire FA and investigated. The club was charged with Spectator Misconduct and sanctioned a £100 fine. The Under 18 Referee was supported by the Referee Development Manager, and the reported victim was offered support via Sporting Chance.
  • An Under 12's player called an opposing player "gay". The incident was reported to Lincolnshire FA and was investigated. With support from the reported offending club and Lincolnshire FA's Designated Safeguarding Officer, we facilitated an FA delivered Education Session for the team. The reported victim was offered support via Sporting Chance.

  • An adult player is reported for comments made on social media. The comment reads "fucking he/him, FA is a joke bunch of jap eye sniffers". The player was charged and found Proven by an Independent Disciplinary Commission. The sanction against the player included a 6 match suspension, £60 fine, and the requirement to complete an Online Education Course.

  • A Match Official was intentionally kicked by a player at a small sided tournament after the player was sent off by the Referee. The player was charged with assault on a Match Official, The case was proven by the National Serious Case Panel. The player was given a 5 year Suspension from all football, as well as a mandatory Education Course.
  • A player deliberately stamps on the head of an opposition player whilst they were on the floor, causing a serious injury which required medical attention. The match was abandoned. The player was charged with Assault - Participant on Participant. The case was Proven by the National Serious Case Panel. The player received an All Football Suspension for 1,000 days, equating to 2 years and 8 months. The player was also fined £150.
  • A Referee said to a female spectator "get back in the kitchen" and "shut up and go do your washing". The Referee was charged with an aggravated breach of FA Rule E3.2. The case was proven by the National Serious Case Panel. The Referee had a 42 day Suspension imposed (equivalent to 6 matches) and was required to complete an Online Education Course before returning to football.
  • Having already received a red card, a player calls a Referee a "fucking fat cunt". The player was charged with Improper Conduct against a Match Official including Abusive Language/Behaviour. The case was proven by a Regional Discipline Panel. The player was given a further 2 Match Suspension and £30 fine, in addition to their 3 Match Suspension and £55 fine they received for the red card in the fixture.
  • At the end of an Under 14's fixture, the Club Assistant Referee gave the flag back to an Under 18 Referee. In this exchange, the Club Assistant called the Under 18 Referee a "cheat" and said they "shouldn't be refereeing at this level". The Referee was identified as Under 18 by their purple shirt. The Club Assistant Referee was charged with Improper Conduct against a Match Official including abusive language/behaviour. The case was Proven by a Regional Discipline Panel. The Club Assistant Referee was given a 3 Match Ground/Venue Suspension, a £40 fine, and a requirement to complete a face-to-face Respect workshop.
  • A spectator at an Under 18's fixture was threatening towards the Under 18 Referee, using language like "I'll do your head in". The spectator was led away from the field of play by a coach. Later in the fixture, the spectator returned and entered the field of play, where he confronted the opposition teams' Club Assistant Referee. The club were charged with a breach of FA Rule E21 for failing to control spectators. The case was found proven by the FA National Serious Case Panel. The club were fined a total of £230. The club took positive and proactive measures in response to this incident. They reissued their codes of conduct to their spectators, while banning the spectator responsible until the end of the season - a period of at least 6 months. 

There is no place for discrimination, assault, racism, sexism, or any form of abuse or negative behaviours in our game. Any reports of such behaviour will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

Hear it, Report it, Sort it.

If you would like more information on how to report an incident, click here.

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