Ability Counts League


The Lincolnshire Ability Counts Football League will be embarking on its seventh year of competition and is going from strength to strength.

The league has been developing across each year and hopes to expand over the next few years to incorporate female participants.

The league works unlike any other league within the county and operates purely on a festival basis, where teams come to central venues across the county over the season to compete. The results from each festival are collated and added to previous festival results to produce league tables and overall winners.

One of the elements it shares with the traditional mainstream leagues are that players are put into divisions due to their ability and not disability; this, therefore sees players with different impairments playing together and against each other in what is known as PAN disability.



Steph Powell

Football Development Officer (Women and Girls)


(T) 01522 596580


The league currently operates divisions at adult male (Premiership, Championship and League 1 & U16 mixed (10 to 16 years old).

Our Ability Counts League is a Pan-Disability with fixture days played at a central venue. Key information on the league is as below:

• 22 teams
• 4 Ability-banded divisions.  Premiership/ Championship/ League 1 (adult male), Juniors (Mixed U16)
• Monthly Fixtures
• 5v5 Format
• Played on 3G
• Fixture venues played at a central location
• Mixed Gender Dispensation is available

Coach Ability Counts Football

We have a range of courses/ workshops that are open and accessible to peoples with a disability. All our tutors are trained to deliver to people with a disability and we are able to look to provide additional support where necessary to allow a person with a disability to access our Coach Education Programme.

The Coaching Disabled Footballers Course is a six-hour workshop aimed at Level 1 and above coaches who are already working with players with a disability or who are looking to gain more knowledge on how to make their sessions more inclusive for people with a disability.

Volunteering with the Ability Counts Programme

For more information on volunteering in the Lincolnshire Ability Counts Programme, contact

Blind football

Play Ability Counts Football

Playing opportunities for people with a disability in Lincolnshire are split into the following categories:

• Pan-Disability – players from across the disability spectrum play in the same game based on ability level rather that disability / impairment group. For example, a player with a learning difficulty would play in the same game as a player with a hearing impairment, providing they were of similar footballing ability.

• Impairment Specific – a group of players will play with/against each other with the same disability/impairment. An example of this would be Powerchair, Deaf or Blind Football.

To find a club and training times near you, please see the map below: