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Turn Up and Play

If you are an individual player or part of a small group of players looking for opportunities to play football, then your best option is to start off by attending a recreational kickabout.

Our Just Turn Up & Play sessions are a flexible and inclusive offer which we provide as a simple way to get involved in the game, enjoy an hour of football and fun. The flexibility of the sessions, which run on a weekly or fortnightly basis and usually cost a maximum of £3.00 per session, is appealing for those individuals either new to the game or for those who cannot commit to regular training and matches.

There is no long-term commitment required, and you can dip in and out of these sessions as you please. The session organiser will provide equipment and organise teams - all you need to do is turn up, have fun and Just Play.

The majority of our Turn Up & Play sessions are linked to a competitive league, club or playing opportunity, so once you've got a taste for it and would like to get more involved, we’ll then be able to point you in the right direction.

We currently have a number of Turn up & Play sessions in line for this season, each will be running for a minimum of 16 weeks with a small attendance charge.

Following on from a 16-week block of sessions, all of our groups will come together for two festival days which will see them playing in a friendly competitive fixture between other groups as a 5v5 format.



Jordan Mason 

Football Development Officer (Disability & Inclusion)


T: 01522 596580

Disability Workforce Fund

The purpose of the DWF fund is to engage players, of any age, with an impairment, disability or long term health condition in regular football activity.

We are looking to create flexible and regular participation opportunities for players as well as new teams. If you are a club, organisation or group interested in creating a recreational opportunity for players with a disability, then please get in touch.

As part of the DWF, Lincolnshire FA can provide guidance and financial support to help you get started.

Ball in a net

Kari's story

Kari goes to a Lincolnshire Resource Centre four days a week and has very limited movement in her arms and legs. She has been coming to football for about a year now and first started when free recreational football was offered for a period of 16 weeks by Lincolnshire FA through the Disability Football Programme to the individuals at the SENSE centre.

At the beginning, Kari wasn’t quite sure and would not use her arms or a leg, but by the time the 12-week period was coming to an end she was able to throw the ball and would shout out what was going on throughout the different activities.

The centre has managed to secure extra funding raised by a parent who was enthralled watching their son take part in the sessions. The centre was able to carry on with the recreational football as a Mars Just Play centre, opening out to the other members of the Louth community where Kari was first in line to continue.

Kari really enjoys taking part and now is able to kick the ball when it is placed on her foot plate and can throw the ball quite far.

Favourite activities: Traffic Lights, Foxes and Rabbits

Kari now enjoys taking an active role during activities where she is able to communicate to the rest of group during a game of Traffic Lights. She is always laughing throughout the whole session and goes back home and tells everyone excitedly what she has been doing in her football session.