Inclusion Football

Lincolnshire FA Developing Football For Everyone - Football For All!

'Social Inclusion is the process through which we value all individuals and recognise their diverse contributions to communities'

Lincolnshire FA prides itself on supporting the ethos of football for all and creates an environment where everyone has the chance to be involved regardless of ability, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

We at the Lincolnshire FA are committed to ensure that EVERYONE FEELS VALUED, SOCIALLY INCLUDED and has the same equal OPPORTUNITY TO FULFIL POTENTIAL.

We pride ourseleves on keeping up to date with the relevant information and course workshops to ensure we can continue to understand and offer this ethos and are continually working to ensure football within Lincolnshire remains to be inclusive for all.

We have recently expanded a certain aspect of knowledge by recently attending an 'Opening doors and joining in' workshop along with 'football v homophobia'. This was attended by county FA staff to ensure that understanding and equality is spread amongst every aspect of football.

We will be looking at new provisions designed specifically at inclusive groups such as 'stand up, speak up' project currently in place at LCFC Sport and Education Trust. We currently already have football provisions in place for people U16 and over 16 for people that have disabilities.

Opening Doors and Joining In
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