Law 4 - The Players' Equipment




The FA’s Rules prescribe age groups for children to play in which are designed to ensure that they compete with peers of similar size and development. For some children however, playing in the prescribed age group would put them at a substantial disadvantage to their teammates, discouraging them from being involved or making it impossible for them to access football.

The FA dispensation policy enables children with a disability, Significant Physical Development Delay (SPDD), or who are schooled no more than one year behind the age group prescribed by their date of birth (their “prescribed age group”) to play football outside of their prescribed age group.

To apply for dispensation for your child to play outside of their prescribed age group, please fill out our dispensation application form along with supporting evidence to support the rationale for your application.

Children Playing Football

How Do I Apply

The FA dispensation policy has now moved online for the 2023/24 season. Applications will now be made through the online portal. If your child is an existing player they will have an existing FAN – in this case, please login to your account to access this. If your child is a new player, you will need to create an account. 

Further support can be found by clicking below for FAQs for parents to help throughout the process.