Female players in action

Lincolnshire Lionesses

The female game across the world is growing all the time and the need for volunteers is ever increasing, with Lincolnshire being no exception. Lincolnshire FA, alongside the Barclays Girls Football School Partnerships, are delighted to share our latest opportunity for aspiring female leaders: The Lincolnshire Lionesses Leadership Course.

We’ve seen a huge increase in women and girls wanting to play in Lincolnshire, and therefore the need for volunteers to help us provide this football is ever increasing.

Lincolnshire FA, are delighted to share our latest opportunity for aspiring female leaders: The Lincolnshire Lionesses.

This opportunity includes an online and totally free of charge leadership course that has been developed by the Youth Sport Trust and The FA through the Girls’ Football School Partnerships of Greater Lincolnshire, who have provided quality content to give the best available leadership training to girls aged 14+. It is also been supported by influential names such as Football League Manager Danny Cowley. There will be the opportunity to gain qualifications as well as progress to national training and only requires a few hours of commitment!


About The Programme

This programme runs across Lincolnshire to give females, aged 14+, the opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of female sports development in Lincolnshire and be a role model to other females. This training will help them to be able to deliver activities, along with opportunities to network with like-minded leaders across Greater Lincolnshire. Girls involved in this programme could, if they wanted to, also follow the county and national programmes and attend further events and training.

The Lincolnshire Lionesses programme has been developed to understand the skills and personal qualities of different, varying roles that you may come across in a sports career. They will have the opportunity to complete the FA Playmaker Award, which will help improve your confidence on and off the pitch. 

For more information and to access the programme, please contact Kirsty.Dixon@lincolnshirefa.com.

We hope you can get behind this initiative as we work towards equal access to football for all. Thank you for your ongoing support.