Walking football is a popular, and growing, format of the game

Walking Football


Are you looking to exercise in a fun, safe, healthy environment whilst also improving your footballing skills? If so, walking football is for you! 

Walking Football is a relatively new format of football aimed at encouraging older adults to play again on a regular basis, regardless of experience or ability.

The game comprises of the same rules as standard football, except players are not permitted to run. As a result, the game relies less on physical attributes such as speed, power and stamina - and more on accurate passing, good positional play and strong tactical knowledge.

We have several groups of women playing walking football all over the County, and we also host events and festivals throughout the year so that these women can meet and enjoy the game together. For further information about walking football, please contact Cissy using the details on this page. 


Cissy Radford

Football Development Officer (Women and Girls)

E: cissy.radford@lincolnshirefa.com

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