Walking Football League

Women's Walking Football


Walking Football is a relatively new format of football aimed at encouraging older adults to play again, on a regular basis.

The game comprises of the same rules as standard football, except players are not permitted to run. As a result, the game relies less on physical attributes such as speed, power and stamina - and more on accurate passing, good positional play and strong tactical knowledge.

This particular format engages an age group that isn’t normally associated with playing the game, and gives footballers over 50 years old the opportunity to rekindle their playing days and stay active.

There are two Women's divisions in the Lincolnshire Walking Football League - an Over 40's division and an Over 50's division. 

Jake Park (Head of Football Development) said: "Walking Football is a tremendously popular format of the game here in Lincolnshire, and we expect to see that continue in terms of interest and participation. We have recreational sessions for beginners who have not laced a pair of boots before but want to get active, we have affiliated clubs who run numerous sessions per week with social activities afterwards, and we now have a competitive league system through the Lincolnshire FA Walking Football League.

"We are proud of the progress we have made in this space over the last 18 months, and we want to use walking football as a mechanism to improve physical and mental wellbeing throughout Lincolnshire. The last 12-18 months have been incredibly difficult for a lot of people who may have suffered from isolation, loneliness or grief. Walking Football is an incredibly powerful tool and is a great way to get back amongst likeminded people, meet new friends in an fun environment and enjoy the beautiful game."