About Lincolnshire FA

Lincolnshire FA is the not-for-profit, governing body of football in Lincolnshire

The journey has been a long and eventful one since our formation in 1881 at a meeting held at the Queens Hotel, Lincoln, on Saturday 17 September.

Just a small number of clubs joined with the promise of control, organisation, planning and increased participation, but today we have over 1,600 teams under our banner, stretching across one of the largest geographical counties in the country. Those original promises are still at the forefront of our operations today.

Our Mission Statement

With our mission, 'Growing opportunities across Lincolnshire', we hope that the next few decades ahead allow us to use the power of football to build a better future and to lead the successful development of the sport at every level.

Community Business Pledge

Lincolnshire FA is committed to supporting and developing the football community of Lincolnshire.  

Our strategy: ‘One Lincolnshire Community united and inspired by the power of football’ outlines how we aim to achieve this over the next five years. As part of our progressive values, we are committed to building trust and developing relationships that support the Lincolnshire economy.

To support our vision, the Association pledges its support to our community through employing local people and, wherever possible, using local organisations and supply chains to source or provide products and services to support the delivery of our goals.

The Lincolnshire FA have recently become a member of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and are in the process of recruiting a Commercial Director. We are looking forward to increasing our profile and presence within the local business community.

Fair play on & off the pitch

Rules and Regulations

FA Rules and Regulations ensure fair play in the grassroots game, both on and off the pitch. Find information about the following areas here.

  • Laws of the Game
  • Discipline
  • Safeguarding & Welfare
  • Inclusion

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