Pride Month: “It’s A Reminder We’re Not Alone” – Daisy Ball

June marks Pride Month across the world

With Pride Month 2023 coming to a close, we’ve spoken to some members of the LGBTQ+ community involved in football across Lincolnshire about what Pride means to them and why it’s important and is more than a celebration. 

Daisy Ball is a student at the University of Lincoln, and identifies as transgender. She joined us recently for our Transgender Inclusion workshop and shared her story and experiences about being football whilst transitioning. 

“As of today, it’s been around 9 months since I began transitioning. The reason I am transgender is because although I was born as male, throughout my life since I was about 8 years old, I’ve felt internally as a woman with my feelings and how I view the world, and with this comes wanting my physical body to change as well.”

Why Is Pride Important To You?

After transitioning, although it's an incredible journey to begin, it can often be quite lonely and scary. Pride month however is a reminder that we are not alone, and it reassures me that there are hundreds and thousands of others experiencing life just like myself. I can seek comfort knowing we are not alone, and a lot of allies support us. We often go through our days worrying whether the people we bump into in the street will stare at us, say something horrible, or we will be judged based on how we look. Seeing the people around us, especially in our city support us as well the previous weekend at a counter protest was inspiring.

It's sad to see that others fear us in some way or another and believe we pose as some kind of threat to them. I understand people may have worries, whether that be because of how they were brought up or the experiences they have had through their lives, but I'd encourage those to surround themselves by people in the LGBTQ+ community and realise the majority of us are positive, vibrant, and welcoming individuals that care for others so much. I also think it's important for them to understand we are people like everyone else and they don't have to get on or like everybody they meet, including those in the LGBTQ+ community, but they shouldn't spread their hate and disrespect through the whole community. We are human beings after all.

Pride month to me encourages me to believe in the good of people and remember we are a huge family on this planet, here to support one another and encourage individuals to be themselves. It's not just about rainbow flags, but about individuals. I hope others take the time to reflect on their own beliefs when it comes to pride month and understand the experiences we face every day with an open mind and heart.

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